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Whether you're searching to find, affirm or renew your faith, this spiritual retreat is designed to connect you to the truth of Orthodoxy by exploring freedom and love, celebrating the connections and friendships that are made in Christ.

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How do I register for the Young Adult Retreat 2021?

Registration is absolutely necessary for attendance. It allows us to account for your accommodation, your meals and all activities. Registrations will close on the 31st January.

What is the theme of the retreat?

The Young Adult Retreat 2021 is centred around the theme of 'Orthodox Love and Freedom'

What is the minimum age to attend? 

This event is specifically intended for young adults aged 18-30.

Where is it located and how do I get to the venue?

    Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre 

100 Crosslands, Galston NSW 2159


  1. Access:



The retreat site has a gate at entry. We'll send through details on access closer to the date.


         2. Parking: 


There will be free parking on site, although we recommend car pooling as there may not be enough spots for everyone.


         3. Public Transport: 


The campsite can only be accessed by car. It is a 30 minute drive from Hornsby Station. Please ask around for a lift or email us and we can see what we can do!


Cabin style accommodation is provided on site.

What do I need to bring with me? 

The site requires us to BYO bedding i.e sleeping bag or sheets (must include mattress protector), pillow and pillowcase, bath towel, pool towel, toiletries, insect repellent, sunscreen, clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, personal medication/s, water bottle, hat, swimmers, face mask, torch, your favourite icons for your room and snacks to share!

What is the dress code? 

There is no formal dress required for the retreat attendees, however GO Youth suggests comfortable and appropriate clothing for outdoor activities as well as chapel services. 

What sort of social activities will we be involved in?

Everything from canoeing to bushwalks, arts and crafts to swimming, treasure hunting to oz tagging!

If I have an emergency, what should I do?

Throughout the retreat there will be volunteers that are available to assist in any way they can throughout the weekend. In the event of an emergency we have certified first aid officers on site. As soon as you are made aware of the emergency, notify the volunteers who will assist you to the best of their ability, ensuring your safety and ease of exiting the retreat. 

Depending on the circumstance, you may be required to fill in an incident report, and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours after the retreat to complete this. Notwithstanding anything that is contrary to the above, GO Youth shall not be held liable to any personal injury claims to 

       the extent that is permitted by applicable law.

I would like to volunteer for the retreat, how can I reach out?

GO Youth welcomes any individual that would like to volunteer with us before and during the

weekend to get in contact via email and take a look at our Contributions Prospectus for more details.

Will the retreat be photographed/filmed? What do I do if i do not want to appear in any media?

Upon registration, you are expressly providing consent for GO Youth to have your photo/video captured throughout the event. GO Youth will attempt to exclude you in all photos if requested by you.

How can I become a retreat sponsor/donor?

GO Youth welcomes any sponsorship donations in order to assist with the associated costs of planning and executing the Young Adult Retreat 2021. Information on how an individual donation along with Parish donations can be made is found here and from business/organisations please click here

I am not a Greek speaker, will the entire retreat be in Greek? 

All talks and services will be in English.

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