Words of Wisdom Part 4 | Heart and Mind

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

How do you differentiate between the heart and the mind?


The heart is something deeper and more unchangeable than the mind. I will tell you what St Seraphim of Sarov advised once: “find peace and all the world around you will be peaceful”

In simple words, you have a problem and you don’t have a solution. You pray and a lot of thoughts enter your mind. You need to follow your heart (and we don’t refer to our emotions).

This is to follow whatever is more peaceful inside you and what is more peaceful inside you is where God wants you to go. Not what makes more sense logically but whatever direction gives you peace and comfort. That’s what you should do in order to find God’s Will in your life. Even if it’s wrong, because you followed the peace inside you and you have the will to do the right thing, the right thing will eventually present itself.


Even if you make a mistake?


Don’t be afraid to make any mistakes. The prodigal son messed up everything. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your heart.


Do you think then that when you are trying to find yourself and you’re making all of these mistakes and maybe you are caught in the moment and you are still making mistakes, then what you’re saying is that if you persevere you will get guided to the answer?


Yes, if your heart is in the right place and if you have the right will. There is a difference between the two brothers. The first one wanted to be righteous, the second one was moved by love.

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